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Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone knows Thanksgiving dinner is loaded with carbs, calories, and fat. But how much sugar is on your plate? Pumpkin pie and candied yams are obvious culprits, but you'd be surprised where else sugar shows up.

Thanksgiving Meal
Item Calories Sugar
Stuffing 160 2g
Turkey Breast, 4 oz. 142 0g
Gravy 25 1g
Sweet Potato Casserole 320 41g
Dinner Roll 110 4g
1/2 Tbsp Butter 50 0g
Cranberry Sauce (canned) 110 21g
Green Beans 30 2g
Mashed Potatoes 155 3g
Pumpkin Pie  w/ Whipped Cream 340 31g
Totals 1442 105g

(Calories from sugar:  420)

The whole-berry cranberry sauce contains about the same amount of sugar as this popular gelatinous variety.
 Ocean Spray 
Jellied Cranberry Sauce
1/4 cup serving (70g) Sugars, total: 21g Calories, total: 110 Calories from sugar: 84

They're already sweet, but add brown sugar and marshmallows and the sugar content goes way up.

 Sweet Potatoes
 Candied, with Marshmallow Topping
 Sugars, total:		41g
 Calories, total:		320 
 Calories from sugar:	164
(Serving size is 1/8th of casserole, prepared
with 1/4 cup brown sugar, 3 oz. frozen orange
juice concentrate, 25 large marshmallows,
and 45 oz. canned sweet potatoes in light
syrup, drained)

A boiled sweet potato tastes good and is much more healthy.

 Sweet Potatoes (Plain, Boiled)
 150g serving 
 Sugars, total:		  8g
 Calories, total:		115 
 Calories from sugar:	  32

Not much sugar in here.

 Campbell's Turkey Gravy
 2 oz. serving 
 Sugars, total:		1g
 Calories, total:		25
 Calories from sugar:	  4

About the same amount as a slice or two of white bread.
 Sarah Lee Dinner Roll
 1 roll (40g)
 Sugars, total:		4g
 Calories, total:		110
 Calories from sugar:	  16

Even vegetables have small amounts of sugar.
 Green Beans (Frozen) 
 81g serving
 Sugars, total:		2g
 Calories, total:		30
 Calories from sugar:	  8

Not bad at all.
Stove Top Stuffing
Turkey Flavor

 1/2 cup serving
 Sugars, total: 2g
 Calories, total:                 160
 Calories from sugar: 8

Adding milk will increase the sugar content slightly.

 Mashed Potatoes
 (Homemade, prepared with milk
and butter)
167g serving
Sugars, total: 3g Calories, total: 155 Calories from sugar: 12

Lots of sugar and calories in a small piece of pie.

 Marie Callender's Pumpkin Pie
 1/8 of pie (128g)
 Sugars, total:		30g
 Calories, total:		320 
 Calories from sugar:	120

The whipped cream really doesn't add much sugar.

Marie Callender's Pumpkin Pie
With whipped cream
 1/8 of pie (128g) plus 2 Tbsp. Whipped Cream
 Sugars, total:		31g
 Calories, total:		340 
 Calories from sugar:	124

Holy cow! How did they manage to cram all that sugar in there? (And 1300 calories?!)

Holiday Recipe Bonus
Many holiday baking recipes call for
sweetened condensed milk (not to be
confused with evaporated milk). Look at
how much sugar that small can contains.
Borden Eagle Brand
Sweetened Condensed Milk
14 oz. can Sugars, total: 220g Calories, total: 1300 Calories from sugar: 880

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